Top Billing 12" Topper - Raquel Welch Ttansforamtions

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 The bestseller that inspired the new length! With long tapered lengths that blend well into longer, layered hairstyles, Top Billing 12” is perfect when extra volume is desired. This piece provides ample coverage and can easily be styled with bangs or off the face.



Sheer Indulgence Lace Front Monofilament Top

Hair Lengths: Front: 4¾" | Crown: 10¾" | Sides: 11½" | Back: 11½" |

Base: 6½" x 6½"

Weight: 3 oz.

 Available Shades: RL2/4, RL4/6, RL5/27, RL6/8, RL6/28, RL6/30, RL8/29, RL10/12, RL11/25, RL12/16, RL13/88, RL14/22, RL14/25, RL16/88, RL19/23, RL29/25, RL30/27, RL31/29, RL32/31, RL33/35, RL38, RL51/61, RL56/60, RL119, RL511, RL51/61. Shadow Shades: RL4/10SS, RL8/12SS, RL8/29SS, RL9/24SS, RL10/22SS, RL12/22SS, RL14/22SS, RL17/23SS, RL19/23SS, RL29/33SS.


(Model is wearing RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut)